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The Cancer Proteome Atlas Portal (TCPA) is a joint project of the Departments of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics & Computational Biology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.




The data is generated by Dr. Gordon B. Mills lab in the Department of Systems Biology.


The website is developed and maintained by Dr. Han Liang's group in the Department of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology.
We thank Sylvain Laroche, Glen Brosch, Jun Zhang, Chris Wakefield and Allen Chang for their efforts with setup and configuration.


This work was supported in part by U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) MD Anderson TCGA Genome Data Analysis Center grant numbers CA143883 and CA083639, the Mary K. Chapman Foundation, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (honoring Lorraine Dell), and MD Anderson Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA016672 (the Bioinformatics Shared Resource).

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